mandag 14. februar 2022

China Strengthens Ties in Mideast and Africa As US Influence Declines

Perceptions of America's global influence are in decline, according to a report from the Eurasia Group Foundation, as the number of global respondents who gave a "very positive" appraisal of U.S. influence decreased by 20% between 2019 and 2021. These declines in sentiment are most pronounced in Middle Eastern and African states, which have opened their doors for Chinese dealmakers to expand their global influence.

Chinese President Xi Jinping hinted at this trend at the recent Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, where he told a group of lawmakers, "We both advocate a development path suited to our national conditions and are both committed to upholding the rights and interests of developing countries. We both oppose intervention in domestic affairs, racial discrimination and unilateral sanctions." 

The last decade in these regions has seen a significant decline in American popularity and a rise in Chinese investment. In 2010, 81% of respondents in Nigeria, Africa's largest economy, held a favorable view of the U.S., compared to just 62% in 2019. In that same period, China-Africa trade volume rose from $114.81 billion in 2010 to $254 billion in 2021.