mandag 14. februar 2022

Hong Kong fears food supply disruption as Covid hits drivers in worsening outbreak

Hong Kong authorities said supplies of vegetables and chilled poultry to the global financial hub may be temporarily disrupted after some mainland goods vehicle drivers preliminarily tested positive for Covid-19. Hong Kong imports 90% of its food, with the mainland its most important source, especially for fresh food.

Consumers have already seen a shortage of some foreign imported goods, including premium seafood, due to stringent flight restrictions. “The mainland authorities and the (Hong Kong) government are working closely together to firm up the detailed arrangements to expedite the logistics of food supply for Hong Kong so as to make the supply situation resumes normal as soon as possible,” the government said in a statement on Sunday.

On Saturday, the city of 7.5 million people reported a record 1,514 new coronavirus infections, up from Friday’s 1,325, in the biggest test yet for the Chinese territory’s “dynamic zero-Covid” strategy.