torsdag 17. april 2014

China Lashes Out at North Korea

China’s media offers withering criticism of North Korea as tensions mount between the erstwhile allies. Read more

The Geopolitics of the Black Sea

America has the Caribbean, China has the South China Sea, and Russia has the Black Sea. Read more

What's Behind Xi's Anti-Corruption Campaign?

A new report for Reuters says that Chinese President Xi Jinping is using the anti-corruption drive to remove his rivals and place his allies into power.Reuters, citing anonymous sources “who have ties to the leadership,” said that Xi was particularly interested in promoting officials who would support his reform agenda. Read more

Twenty-five years later, Tiananmen Square no less taboo for China's censors

After three generations of leadership since the student protests, there are signs of the authorities loosening online censorship of related subjects, although direct mention of "June 4th" is still banned. Read more

onsdag 16. april 2014

Desalination Plant Said to Be Planned for Thirsty Beijing

A coastal desalination plant planned for east of Beijing could provide a large portion of the drinking water for the parched Chinese capital by 2019, the state news media quoted officials as saying on Tuesday. Read more

Kunsten å være modig

Norske politikere gjemmer seg for Dalai Lama. Den norgesaktuelle kinesiske kunstneren og notoriske opposisjonelle Ai Weiwei kunne gitt dem fingeren, skriver Dagbladets Geir Ramnefjell. Les mer

As Credit Dries Up, Smaller Companies in China Feel the Pinch

Hunan Xinwei Bags Company, a manufacturer of knapsacks and handbags, is struggling to survive. The Chinese economy is slowing. Wages are rising amid a shortage of blue-collar workers. And competition from countries like Vietnam is growing. Read more

De fleste farlige produkter er «Made in China»

De fleste produktene som trekkes fra markedet, er laget i Kina. Les mer

Nord-Korea, Kinas gode venn, er en aktiv kriminell

Regimet i Nord-Korea holder økonomien gående ved å smugle falske penger, narkotika og elfenben, viser en ny rapport. Les mer

tirsdag 15. april 2014

Dalai Lama og "norske interesser"

Stortingspresident Olemic Thommesen vil ikke møte Dalai Lama fordi det ikke tjener "norske interesser". At et slikt møte ikke vil gavne norsk næringsliv, er nok riktig. Men "norske interesser"? Hva er egentlig best for nasjonen Norge i denne saken? Les kommentaren

mandag 14. april 2014

Can China Become a High-Income Economy?

The IMF thinks so, but some challenging reforms will be needed if China is to avoid the middle-income trap. Read more

China's 'eco-cities': empty of hospitals, shopping centres and people

As part of its plan to move tens of millions of people out of the countryside, China is building hundreds of brand-new cities. Tianjin Eco-city is a relatively successful example, but many of its 'green' buildings still echo like gymnasiums. Les mer

Dalai Lamas Norges-besøk: Regjeringen får kritikk fra sine egne

Høyre-veteraner som Georg Apenes, Ingvald Godal og Kristin Clemet mener at norske myndigheter burde benytte Dalai Lamas forestående besøk i Norge til å snakke med ham. Alt annet vil være å bøye av for kinesisk press. Les mer

søndag 13. april 2014

Why China can grow without democracy

As China's socioeconomic modernization and cultural globalization deepens, spill-over effects into the political arena are increasingly anticipated. Authoritarian-led development elsewhere in East Asia has typically lasted two to three decades, before the supposedly inevitable transition towards democracy, as per capita incomes reach a certain level. Is China headed in the same direction? Read more

lørdag 12. april 2014

Drinking water in China's Lanzhou city unsafe to drink, say authorities

Water in city found to contain levels of benzene, a cancer-inducing chemical, at 20 times above safety levels. Read more

China Takes On Big Risks in Its Push for Shale Gas

Like the United States and Europe, China wants to wean itself from its dependence on energy imports — and in Jiaoshizhen, the Chinese energy giant Sinopec says it has made the country’s first commercially viable shale gas discovery. Its efforts could also help address another urgent issue, as Beijing looks to curb an overwhelming reliance on coal that has blackened skies and made China the largest contributor to global warming. Read more

NEW SUPERPOWER RELATIONS: U.S., China in 'new model' of military rivalry

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and his Chinese counterpart, Defense Minister Chang Wanquan, reiterated the bilateral agreement to create “the new model of military-to-military relations,” when they appeared together in a joint press conference in Beijing on April 8. Read more

Vil Kina dominere det 21. århundre?

Eller er toppen nådd? spør den britiske Kina-eksperten Jonathan Fenby. Les mer