tirsdag 3. mars 2015

Xi Jinping’s ‘Four Comprehensives’ Give Shape to a Crowded Agenda

Slogans studded with numerals and abstract exhortations are central to the dramaturgy of the Chinese Communist Party, intoned like spells to exalt leaders, cajole citizens and malign enemies. Yet as President Xi Jinping’s latest contribution shows, the magic of a party slogan often works through its supple vagueness. Read more

Pollution: The film that is going to change China

The 143-minute documentary was viewed more than 100 million times in little over two days. It was viewed 126 million times on Tencent’s popular video site alone and it has completely galvanised the country’s attention. Chai’s documentary film was the most discussed topic on the country’s social media platforms and there were 280 million posts relating to her film “Under the Dome” on Sina Weibo, a micro-blogging site. Read more

A new documentary, "Under the Dome", goes viral in an anxious China

As a famed news anchor, Chai Jing regularly reported on China's environmental woes. But it was when she found her daughter had grown a tumour while in her womb that things became personal.She quit her job at state broadcaster CCTV, which had made her an instantly-recognisable celebrity, and launched into a one-year investigation into the human cost of China's notorious air pollution. Read more

Travels With My Censor

My Chinese censor is Zhang Jiren, an editor of the Shanghai Publishing House, and last September he accompanied me on a publicity tour. It was the first time I'd gone on a tour with my censor. Read more

The Dangers of Investing in China

The economic environment has become much more difficult and will probably remain so for the foreseeable future. Even if China cleans up its corruption and governance issues, succeeding in this new Chinese reality may be more difficult for investors than ever before. Read more

Sju e-bøker du vil like

Mine viktigste bøker er for lengst utgitt som e-bøker. Len deg tilbake i godstolen, lytt til reisene mine og drøm deg bort.

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Bedre reisefølge enn Torbjørn Færøvik får du knapt. Hans nyeste bok, "Kina - En reise på Livets elv", er en imponerende blanding av reisebeskrivelse, historieundervisning og folkelig fortelling.
   Turid Larsen, Dagsavisen

Dette er den viktigste boken om det viktigste landet i verden skrevet av en norsk forfatter. 
    Jens A. Riisnæs

mandag 2. mars 2015

China's Next Challenge: The Depletion of Global Natural Resources

China is a significant contributor to the depletion of a number of the world’s most precious natural resources. It is, for example, an important — indeed perhaps the largest — source of overfishing and illegal fishing globally. Read more

How Scholars Can Help Solve the South China Sea Disputes

The future prospect of a peaceful South China Sea will be dependent on not only the “good behavior” of the political leaders, but also whether scholars could produce innovative ideas and concrete proposals for solutions. Read more

Interview: Kevin Rudd on China

Kevin Rudd is the inaugural president of the Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI). A former prime minister and foreign minister of Australia, he began his career as a diplomat and is a lifelong China scholar and fluent Mandarin speaker. Read more

Singapore and the Asian Century

In the coming decades Singapore is poised to take full advantage of one of its other intangible assets: its diplomatic skills and capacities. With the rivalry between the U.S. and China on the rise, Singapore has the potential to work as a broker and cultural facilitator between the two superpowers, a sort of “Asian Switzerland”. Read more

This is Japan’s Best Strategy to Defeat China at Sea

Given Tokyo’s apparent relative decline in military strengths what is the Japan’s best strategy for confronting China in the years ahead? Read more

The Implications of China’s Growth Slowdown

The once extraordinary rate of Chinese economic growth is slowing. In 2014, China’s GDP grew at an official rate of 7.4 percent, slightly less than the stated goal of 7.5 percent. Although more recently monthly data have been more robust, the trend towards slowing growth seems inexorable. Read more

søndag 1. mars 2015

China pushes Xi Jinping's 'Four Comprehensives' slogans

Following in the footsteps of Mao Tse-tung Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the "Three Represents", China is promoting President Xi Jinping's "Four Comprehensives", calling for rule of law and enforcement of Communist Party discipline. Read more

Air Pollution Turned This Chinese City into a Ghost Town

The city of Handen in Hebei province is the birth place of Qin Shihuang, China's first emperor. That illustrious history isn't apparent today. Aging, coal-burning steel factories belch grime over the city of 1 million, one of China's 10 most polluted. Read more

Isis Caliphate Meets China's Silk Road Economic Belt

This report examines the clashing ambitions between ISIS and China. With ISIS’s declaration of a caliphate that encompasses China’s Muslim Xinjiang, Chinese strategists will now consider how ISIS’s Eastward pivot will impact China’s own Westward march to create a Silk Road Economic Belt across Eurasia. Read more

China Bans Import of Ivory Carvings for One Year

In a move aimed at countering international criticism of skyrocketing Chinese demand for ivory that is decimating African elephant populations, China announced on Thursday a one-year moratorium on the import of ivory carvings. Read more

Beijing Courts Address the Right to Criticize Public Figures

In a political environment where public discourse is constrained by layers of censorship and self-censorship, Kong Qingdong, a neo-Maoist literary scholar at Beijing Univesity and an avid blogger, has long attracted attention with his vociferous commentaries. Read more

fredag 27. februar 2015

Kinesisk fiendejakt

Mens vinteren slipper tak i Beijing, intensiverer partiet sin kamp mot det som kalles «vestlige verdier». Utdanningsminister Yuan Guiren vil gjerne bidra og sier han akter å inndra vestlige lærebøker som «tilsøler kommunistpartiet og sosialismen». Den antivestlige stemningen rammer stadig flere læreanstalter rundt om i landet, ikke minst anstalter hvor utenlandske lærerkrefter er engasjert. Også vestlige selskaper med base i Kina merker at det blåser friskere, skriver Torbjørn Færøvik i Dagsavisen. Les mer