lørdag 25. april 2015

How China's Macau crackdown threatens big US casino moguls

Macau is serious business – but it’s not all show business. The Macau casino scene has been repeatedly described by US authorities and independent experts as a nexus of money-laundering, triad operations, and an outlet for corrupt Chinese officials to spend the proceeds of their crimes. Read more

Chinese Abuse Victim Gets Reprieve From Death Sentence in Murder Case

A court in the Chinese southwestern province of Sichuan yesterday handed down a suspended death sentence to a woman convicted of killing her abusing husband in a highly publicized and controversial case. Read more 

China’s Big Plunge in Pakistan

President Xi Jinping of China showed up in Pakistan this week with one of his government’s most powerful weapons — money, and lots of it. He signed agreements worth more than $28 billion as part of a total promised investment of some $46 billion in a new “Silk Road,” an ambitious land-and-sea-based economic corridor connecting China to Europe and the Middle East through Pakistan, Central Asia and Russia. Read more

Q. and A.: Henry Paulson on ‘Dealing With China’

By the time Henry M. Paulson Jr. made his first trip to China as the United States Treasury secretary in September 2006, he was well-acquainted with China. He had already clocked 70 trips during his time at Goldman Sachs, where he was chairman and chief executive. Many more visits came after, allowing Mr. Paulson to promote relations between the United States and China, but also to deepen personal links with China’s leaders. Read more

Exiled Tiananmen Protester Blocked From Entering Hong Kong

Hong Kong immigration officials barred an exiled dissident from entering the territory on Thursday after he publicly pleaded to be allowed to return to China to see his critically ill mother. Read more

fredag 24. april 2015

Can Indian elephant take on Chinese dragon? 'Not in the next 20 years'

India is doing well, but not well enough - for the time being. Despite prime minister Modi's pro-business push, India simply cannot size up against China's raw economic might. Read more

China names top 100 fugitives suspected of corruption, believes majority went to US or Canada

China has issued a list of its top 100 officials and others wanted on suspicion of corruption who are believed to have fled abroad, the latest step in President Xi Jinping's aggressive campaign to rein in graft. Read more

This Chinese feminist wants to be the country’s first openly lesbian lawyer, and police harassment won’t stop her

Li Tingting, 25, a lesbian campaigner on women’s issues, is probably the most prominent of the five women who were detained in early March for planning to distribute stickers at bus stations to raise awareness of sexual harassment on public transport. Detained for 37 days, the five were released April 13 after a global outcry but remain under investigation. Read more

Why is Harvard training the next generation of Chinese Communist leaders?

China is trying to learn from others. In recent years, it has experimented with elections, public hearings, polling, live-streaming municipal meetings, and a host of other typically democratic mechanisms to improve its governance. Read more

Revelations on China’s Maritime Modernization

The U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence offers a wealth of new information on the PLA Navy. Read more

No, China’s Not About to Collapse

Yes, the CCP faces challenges, but it's stronger than you think, writes Timothy Heath, analyst at the RAND Corporation. Read more

China’s Myanmar Conundrum

Myanmar’s political transition has spawned debates and deliberations in policymaking circles and strategic communities across the world. The economic and strategic spinoff of the political changes has generated immense attention and interest. Not least in China. Read more

Chinese school bars windows and balconies to stop pupil suicides

An elite Chinese school has been criticised for turning classrooms into virtual jails by fitting windows and balconies with metal bars in an apparent attempt to stop students leaping to their deaths. Read more

torsdag 23. april 2015

The myth of China’s ghost cities

A ghost town is a place that has become economically defunct — in other words, a place that has died. What China has is the opposite of ghost towns: It has new cities that have yet to come to life. Read more

China Beware: Here Comes India’s Most Powerful Destroyer

India’s new stealth guided-missile destroyer will be a multi-mission ship, capable of supporting expeditionary and surface strike groups. It will be a welcome new asset as India’s navy tries to deter Chinese “intrusions” into the Indian Ocean and particularly to boost India’s antisubmarine warfare capabilities. Read more

Racism with Chinese characteristics

For all the tremendous change China has experienced in recent decades—phenomenal economic growth, improved living standards, and an ascent to great-power status—the country has made little progress when it comes to the treatment of its ethnic minorities, most of whom live in China’s sparsely populated frontier regions. Read more

Stop the Brutal Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Guangdong, China.

California and Guangdong province are now official sister states. Yet the province is responsible for much of the horrendous dog and cat meat trade in China. Read more

Chinese man jailed for splashing ink on Mao Zedong portrait

A Chinese man was sentenced to 14 months in jail for splashing ink on the giant portrait of Mao Zedong in the heart of Beijing, state media reports. Read more