fredag 28. november 2014

What China means by "democracy"

Recently Tony Abbott, the prime minister of Australia, embarrassed himself a little by gushing over Chinese President Xi Jinping’s talk of China becoming “democratic”. What did Mr Xi really mean? Read more

A Chinese Shadowy Agency Is Working To Absorb Taiwan Through Business

What's happening in Taiwan is part of a broader effort by Beijing to bolster its control over restive territories on its periphery. Read more

Why Tibet Remains The Core Issue In China-India Relations

Despite booming two-way trade, strategic discord and rivalry between China and India is sharpening. At he core of their divide is Tibet, an issue that fuels territorial disputes, border tensions and water feuds. Read more

Hong Kong student leader considering suing police over arrest, says lawyer

Joshua Wong was bailed on Thursday on condition he did not return to a large part of Mong Kok – the protest area cleared by authorities in a two-day operation in which there were repeated clashes and more than 100 arrests. Read more

torsdag 27. november 2014

China’s first anti-domestic violence law hailed as a step forward

China has drafted its first national law against domestic violence, with activists hailing it as a step forward in a country where abuse has long been sidelined as a private matter. “Over the years, we’ve many times felt powerless ourselves to help victims,” said Hou Zhiming, a veteran women’s rights advocate who heads the Maple Women’s Psychological Counselling Centre in Beijing. Read more

China Promises Permanent APEC Blue In 2030

"The blue skies that Beijing had during the APEC Summit showed that air quality can be improved if we resort to some measures," says Xie Zhenhua, a high-ranking Chinese official. But how much the communist leadership is willing to sacrifice for healthy air remains to be seen. Read more

Water & Power—And Human Rights—In China

Activist Shi Lihong on the film she helped make, "Waking the Green Tiger", and the pressure to dam rivers. Read more

How China Is Expanding Its Influence In Global Solar Market

China, the world's biggest carbon polluter, is becoming an even bigger player in the solar energy business as it expands its control of the solar equipment manufacturing worldwide. Read more

Al Gore Warns China Particularly Vulnerable to Climate Change

Former U.S. President Al Gore brought one of his favorite stump speeches to China this week, raising the alarm about global warming. "We are at a turning point," he said, "it's time to act." Read more

Dalai Lama leaves the succession question 'up to the Tibetan people'

The 14th Dalai Lama recently made waves by suggesting that, perhaps, the Tibetan way of choosing a successor to his spiritual post may have run its course. Read more

onsdag 26. november 2014

The Sinocism China Newsletter, Nov 26 2014

Get smarter about China. Read more

The EU’s Human Rights Dialogue with China: Quiet Diplomacy and its Limits

Katrin Kinzelbach’s excellent new book, The EU’s Human Rights Dialogue with China: Quiet Diplomacy and its Limits, provides ample evidence that an approach of primarily “quiet diplomacy” has done little to positively influence the human rights environment in China. A Book Review by Sophie Richardson

UN Women’s Rights Committee Highlights Key Challenges Facing China’s Civil Society

In a report on the situation of women’s rights in China, a United Nations expert committee advances dozens of recommendations aimed at addressing their concerns. Read more

China Considers Suing 'Economic Fugitives' in the U.S., Official Says

China is considering suing people suspected of committing economic crimes who have fled to the United States and elsewhere with billions of dollars, an unusual step in a widening anti-graft campaign, a senior official said on Wednesday. Read more

Hong Kong protests: Did China go back on its promises?

n a comment in the official People's Daily newspaper in March 1993, Lu Ping, then the director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, said: "How Hong Kong develops its democracy in the future is entirely within the autonomy of Hong Kong." Read more

Hong Kong protests: Dozens arrested as sites demolished

Protesters originally numbered in the tens of thousands when the Hong Kong unrest first began in October, but have since dwindled to a few hundred, while attempts by both sides to reach a compromise have made little progress. Read more

tirsdag 25. november 2014

The Militarization of China’s Coast Guard

The militarization of Chinese maritime law enforcement must be seen as part of a conscious shift in national strategy that favors policies that improve maritime “rights protection” to the detriment of stable relations with neighboring states. Read more

The Art of Xi Jinping

Last month, President Xi Jinping of China addressed a forum of prominent artists and writers in Beijing to enlighten us with his views on the arts. In a talk liberally seasoned with cultural allusions, Mr. Xi made a show of his literary knowledge and explained how he sees the role of art in today’s China. Read more