lørdag 1. august 2015

British Home Office Reverses Ai Weiwei Visa Refusal

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has been granted a full six-month UK visa after an order by the Home Secretary Theresa May.The dissident revealed on Thursday that the officials in Beijing would only issue him with a three-week visa after claiming he had failed to declare a "criminal conviction" on his application. Read more

Taiwan students storm education ministry in textbook protest

Hundreds of students in Taiwan have stormed the education ministry, protesting against proposed changes to the curriculum. At least 200 students scaled the building's fences overnight and camped in the compound in the capital, Taipei.The students want revisions to Taiwan's textbooks, which they say promote a pro-China view, to be retracted. Read more

Beijing Is Awarded 2022 Winter Olympics, Despite No Snow and Human Rights Concerns

"The Olympic motto of 'higher, faster, and stronger' is a perfect description of the Chinese government's assault on civil society: more peaceful activists detained in record time, subject to far harsher treatment," said Sophie Richardson, China director at NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW). "In choosing China to host another games, the IOC has tripped on a major human rights hurdle," she said. Read more

A Voice From China’s Uighur Homeland, Reporting From the U.S.

In December 1994, Shohret Hoshur, then a 29-year-old journalist in a remote corner of the far western Chinese region of Xinjiang, said goodbye to his homeland. After writing two articles in his native Uighur language that incensed the local authorities, he escaped using a false passport he bought for about $600. Read more

China, Southeast Asia to set up hotline for South China Sea issues

China and Southeast Asian nations have agreed to set up a foreign ministers' hotline to tackle emergencies in the disputed South China Sea, a senior official of the ASEAN grouping told Reuters on Friday.China claims most of the potentially energy-rich sea, through which $5 trillion in ship-borne trade passes every year, and rejects the rival claims of Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan. Read more

What China Has Been Building in the South China Sea

The speed and scale of China’s island-building spree have alarmed other countries with interests in the region. Chinaannounced in June that the creation of islands — moving sediment from the seafloor to a reef — would soon be completed. So far China has built port facilities, military buildings and an airstrip on the islands. The installations bolster China’s foothold in the Spratly Islands, a disputed scattering of reefs and islands in the South China Sea more than 500 miles from the Chinese mainland. Read more

China vs. Its Human Rights Lawyers

The scope of the repression offers a glimpse of a grave situation. The public is questioning the government’s ability to manage the slowing economy, particularly the recent stock market dips, and President Xi Jinping’s anticorruption campaign has caused deep divisions within the Communist Party. In this context, the increasing popularity of human rights lawyers, especially among the disgruntled and oppressed, and their rising influence on social media, has scared our leaders to such an extent that they felt it necessary to carry out the current wave of nationwide arrests. Read more

Is the sun setting on China's economy?

There is a risk of exaggerating similarities between Japan 1990 and China 2015, but there are some. Chinese policy makers have undoubtedly read up on the lessons from Japan's spectacular bubble bursting in the 1990s. There is much to learn from Tokyo's mishandling of that financial crisis that prolonged the pain for two decades and counting. Read more

lørdag 25. juli 2015

Obama to Push U.S. Trade in Kenya as China’s Role Grows

President Obama’s trip presents a unique opportunity to rebuild the strained relationship between Kenya and the United States, and central to accomplishing that will be shoring up the economic ties between the two nations in the face of competition by China. Read more 

The South China Sea: Defining the 'Status Quo'

As East Asia’s maritime disputes continue to bubble, concern with the “status quo” is emerging as a staple component of many countries’ official policies on the South China Sea. This raises several questions worthy of careful consideration. When and how did the term come to prominence? What exactly is the status quo in the South China Sea? How is the term used in practice, and how useful is it in relation to these disputes? Read more

China’s Elegant, Flawed, Grand Strategy

China’s pursuit of its core interests has the potential to trigger great power rivalry or conflict with the United States and other regional powers. Read more

China Hacks the Permanent Court of Arbitration

In early July 2015, Chinese APT actors used an Adobe Flash Player exploit within a specific webpage detailing a noteworthy international legal case between the Philippines and China. This precedent setting legal case would be followed by many Southeast Asian nations, as well as others around the globe. The exploit appeared on day three of the Permanent Court of Arbitration tribunal, exposing an untold number of interested parties that visited the webpage to potential exploitation. Read more

Ai Weiwei 'at peace' but still focused on China's shortcomings

Contemporary artist and outspoken dissident Ai Weiwei did not show off his recently-returned passport, a day after Chinese authorities lifted his four-year international travel ban. Instead, he offered a simple, quiet smile."My heart is at peace. I feel quite relieved," Ai said, in an exclusive interview with CNN in Beijing.  Read more

China may bring in 'two-child policy' to tackle demographic timebomb

Thirty-five years after enacting draconian birth control rules blamed for millions of forced abortions and the creation of a demographic “timebomb”, China could be on the verge of introducing a two-child policy. The new regulation, under which all Chinese couples would be allowed to have two children, could be implemented “as soon as the end of the year if everything goes well”, a government source was quoted as saying by the China Business NewsRead more

Meet China's 1%: The billionaires in Beijing's halls of power

Being rich in China isn't as easy as it once was. For the estimated 360 billionaires today are tough times. Read more

fredag 24. juli 2015

Capitalist Soul Rises as Ho Chi Minh City Sheds Its Past

City planners here speak approvingly of the intense competition and the constant cycle of corporate failure and rebirth. The name cards of government officials still say “Socialist Republic of Vietnam,” but their talking points would bring a smile to Adam Smith. Read more

China’s Global Ambitions, With Loans and Strings Attached

China’s growing economic power coincides with an increasingly assertive foreign policy. It is building aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines and stealth jets. In a contested sea, China is turning reefs and atolls near the southern Philippines into artificial islands, with at least one airstrip able to handle the largest military planes. The United States has challenged the move, conducting surveillance flights in the area and discussing plans to send warships. Read more

Den farlige fredsapostel

amerikanske Anaheim har Dalai Lama – tibetanernes åndelige leder og vinner av Nobels fredspris – feiret sin 80 årsdag. Jubileet er en pinlig påminnelse om fjorårets Norges-besøk. Da viste Stortinget seg frem som et feighetens hus, mens en gang så prinsippfaste politikere gjemte seg for å unngå kinesernes vrede. Men dette var bare begynnelsen på den ydmyke norske canossagangen, skal vi ta Erik Solheim – nå leder av OECDs utviklingskomite – på alvor. Les Harald Stanghelles kommentar i Aftenposten