tirsdag 4. mai 2021

Are more young people falling ill? Are vaccinated people getting infected? Here's what is really happening in India's Covid outbreak

When it comes to India's unfolding Covid-19 crisis, there are a number of things we know for sure.
India is reporting the world's highest number of new cases each day. So many people are dying that crematoriums are struggling to keep up. And the real number of cases and deaths could be many times higher than officially reported.

But misinformation has spread in India -- and sometimes been accepted as truth. Here's our fact check of some common myths and misconceptions around India's second wave. Doctors in India have anecdotally reported seeing more young people presenting with Covid-19 symptoms. Government messaging has supported this idea. On April 15, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal released a video, urging young people in particular to take care. "In this wave of coronavirus, the youth are getting infected," he wrote in a tweet. "I appeal to all the youth to take care of themselves."

All that has led to a widespread belief the second wave is disproportionately affecting young people.