tirsdag 4. mai 2021

Taiwan's Tsai wins Canadian government-backed award that Ottawa reportedly tried to block

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen has been awarded a prestigious leadership prize, in a move that could infuriate Beijing, and following reports of attempted interference by Ottawa. Tsai is the 2020 recipient of the John McCain Prize for Leadership in Public Service, the Halifax International Security Forum (HFX) announced late Monday. Though now independent, the Washington DC-based international security forum was founded by the Canadian government and receives considerable funding from Ottawa.

This year's award is the second in a row that will likely displease Beijing, after the 2019 prize went to the people of Hong Kong "for their brave fight for their rights in the face of oppression from the government of China." Beijing regards self-ruled, democratic Taiwan as part of its territory, and Tsai is a figure of loathing in Chinese state media.

China has stepped up military pressure against Taiwan in recent months, with frequent air and naval drills around the island.