mandag 3. mai 2021

Fears of a Chinese attack on Taiwan are growing, and Taiwan isn't sure who would help if it happened

Twenty-five years ago, two US Navy carrier strike groups were enough to deter possible Chinese military action against Taiwan after China launched missiles that landed a few dozen miles off its coast. Now, after a massive modernization effort by China's military, known as the People's Liberation Army, two carrier strike groups, and possibly US forces alone, may not be enough. This is especially daunting for Taiwan, as it is unclear whether it can get help from anyone else if, or when, the time comes.

In March, Adm. Philip Davidson, the head of US Indo-Pacific Command at the time, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that China could invade Taiwan in the next six years. A few days later, Adm. John Aquilino, Davidson's successor, declined to comment on that assessment but said China views Taiwan "as their No. 1 priority," and that, in his opinion, "this problem is much closer to us than most think."