mandag 21. desember 2020

China's Deepening Quarrel With Australia May Provide an Opportunity for Joe Biden

It’s a balancing act that Canberra has long pulled off deftly—to be militarily, culturally and politically aligned with Washington, while economically benefiting from America’s rival China. But the tightrope looks increasingly frayed following an all-out assault on Australia by its now estranged top trading partner. The dispute has seen billions of dollars of tariffs imposed on a third of all Australia’s exports to China in retaliation for perceived affronts.

Last month, Beijing slapped 200% tariffs on Australian wine—for which China is the largest export market—on top of new sanctions on Australian beef, coal, copper, sugar, seafood and timber. The moves follow a list of 14 grievances published by Beijing. They include Canberra’s ban on Chinese telecom giant Huawei, its introduction of measures to safeguard domestic politics from perceived Chinese interference, and Australia’s condemnation of Beijing’s treatment of Hong Kong and Xinjiang.