mandag 21. desember 2020

Huawei documents reveal China's grievance against Australia

Australia's push for a World Trade Organisation investigation into China's crippling tariffs on barley is set to be challenged by its own decision to ban Huawei in 2018, with new documents revealing Australian trade negotiators dismissed China's concerns at the WTO about discriminatory action.

The confidential document by Chinese trade negotiators was obtained by The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age two days after Australia lodged a formal complaint with the WTO last week. It threatens to throw Australia's dispute with China over Huawei back into the spotlight as both sides look to gain leverage in an increasingly hostile trade fight.

The Huawei decision in 2018 set off a chain of events that would lead to all ministerial contact being cut off within two years. Tensions rose sharply this year after Australia called for a coronavirus inquiry in April and criticised China’s human rights record. Beijing then launched trade strikes on up to $20 billion worth of Australian exports including coal, wine and beef.