mandag 21. desember 2020

China-US relations: work together to prevent an AI arms race, experts say

Experts from the United States and China say there is an urgent need to develop international norms on
artificial intelligence, as the strategic rivalry between the two countries raises fears of a new type of arms race. Fu Ying, a former Chinese vice-minister for foreign affairs, said the two sides, which are world leaders in the field, should work together to build a global governance system for AI technologies.

“Experts think that since the weaponisation of artificial intelligence is inevitable, we need to find an appropriate governance path,” she told a forum at Tsinghua University on Friday, according to a transcript of her speech. “I hope we can set up a very inclusive international governance committee … and come up with international norms through joint discussion, research and by listening to good opinions and suggestions. This is very necessary and urgent,” she said.