søndag 6. oktober 2019

Why Is the FBI Investigating Americans Who Study in China?

Over the last two years, the FBI has questioned at least five U.S. citizens who have studied at Yenching Academy, a Master’s degree program hosted by Peking University. The purpose of the interviews, according to NPR, is to “ascertain whether they have been co-opted by Chinese espionage efforts.” This intensified attention follows increased scrutiny of Chinese students studying at U.S. universities, especially those linked to the military, reflecting the growing rivalry between the two powers.
Are national security concerns warranted for Americans who study in China? And if so, are such investigations a reasonable approach? How can the United States nurture an experienced policy and diplomatic corps amidst increasing mistrust and strategic competition? And what do these investigations signal about future potential restrictions on international intellectual exchange and academic cooperation between the United States and China?