mandag 29. juli 2019

Hong Kong’s continued turmoil raises risk of the dreaded ‘nuclear option’: PLA

Our community is so sick that people are judged, bullied, and beaten up based on the colour of their shirts. People walking about in face masks and helmets are commonplace. Umbrellas are not necessarily put up against the rain.

How long do we honestly have, after protesters besieged the liaison office and defaced the national emblem, before it is determined that our city’s turmoil endangers national unity or security and is beyond the control of the city government? How long before the central government can declare we are in a state of emergency, as stipulated in Article 18 of our Basic Law?

For those who would like to put the police force out of the business of maintaining law and order, be careful what you wish for. A week after it was said that military response was not an option on Beijing’s table, deploying troops to contain protests became an option. How long can the Lam administration hold out, given that the disunity is apparent
even within the civil service?