mandag 29. juli 2019

A very modern protest: Hongkongers take democracy struggle to the UK

Chris, one of thousands who have been protesting in Hong Kong over the past seven weeks, is on what he calls the “keyboard frontline”. The twentysomething Hongkonger, who uses an alias for security reasons, is fielding phone calls on the final version of an advert he and other protesters are placing in a paper the next day. He looks over the final cut of a video, going out in 20 minutes. He has two phones, one for his daily use and another that he takes to the protests in case it gets damaged in the chaos.

Chris is part of a group that calls itself StandwithHK, which has launched a media blitz aimed at the UK, calling on British residents to defend their country’s former colony, Hong Kong. Full-page adverts appeared in major British newspapers, including the Guardian, while videos were launched on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. A flashmob was held in Trafalgar Square. An online petition automatically sends a letter to one’s MP, based on the postcode given. On Sunday, protesters plan to hold rallies around the UK.

StandwithHK is a loose group of protesters who describe themselves as “concerned Hongkongers from around the world”. Chris sums up their goal: “The question that we would like to ask UK politicians is: ‘Why haven’t you been doing more? Why?’”