mandag 29. juli 2019

Call for ‘forceful’ police action to end Hong Kong unrest

Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Dailyhas called on the Hong Kong police to take immediate and forceful action to end the unrest and restore law and order in the city, in a strongly-worded commentary published on Monday. “At a time like this, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Government and the police should not hesitate or have any unnecessary ‘psychological worries’ about taking all necessary steps [to restore order],” the commentary said.

“The SAR Government and police should not forget that their strongest backing comes from the sacred missions bestowed on them by the Basic Law and the law of Hong Kong, and hence the SAR Government and the police must act now in accordance with the laws, and punish all those perpetrators of violence as prescribed by the law. We cannot condone the lawbreakers just because they are holding up high the banner of ‘freedom and democracy’ or wearing the hat of ‘civil disobedience’.”