onsdag 6. mars 2024

From China's Past: Mao Zedong Meets Richard Nixon, February 21, 1972

"History has brought us together. The question is whether we, with different philosophies, but both with feet on the ground, and having come from the people, can make a breakthrough that will serve not just China and America, but the whole world in the years ahead. And that is why we are here."

Declassified transcript of the Beijing meeting between China's leader and America's. It took place in Chairman Mao's living quarters. February 21, 1972. Meeting attendees: Richard Nixon; Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung in the transcript); Zhou Enlai (Chou En-lai); Wang Hairong (Wang Hai-jung); Tang Wensheng (Tang Wen-sheng); Henry Kissinger; and Winston Lord as the notetaker.

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