søndag 8. januar 2023

Where are Chinese travelers heading now that borders have reopened?

Xiongjie Dai, a freelance software engineer living in the Chinese city of Suzhou, dreams about his first big trip post-Covid-19. The 32-year-old says destinations like South Korea, Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Australia rank high on the list. But he has his eyes set on the US.

"When I have enough money, I'd like to visit America first," he tells CNN Travel. "America is the leader in both the computer science and IT industries, so I want to visit Silicon Valley and famous universities like MIT, Stanford and so on."

Dai is not the only Chinese citizen with hopes of traveling abroad, now that the Chinese government has removed quarantine entry requirements and is reissuing passports. According to Trip.com Group data, outbound flight bookings increased 254% in late December, the day after it was announced that travel restrictions would be eased as of January 8. "We are optimistic about the tourism outlook," Wendy Min, head of media and executive communications at the Trip.com Group, tells CNN Travel. "The latest policy announcement is encouraging, and we expect strong pent-up demand and increasing consumer confidence."