søndag 8. januar 2023

China Covid: Young people self-infect as fears for elderly grow

When Mr Chen's 85-year-old father fell ill with Covid in December, it was impossible to get an ambulance or see a doctor. They went to Chaoyang Hospital in Beijing, where they were told to either try other hospitals or sit in the corridor with an IV drip. "There was no bed, no respiratory machine, no medical equipment" available, Mr Chen tells the BBC.

His father managed to find a bed at another hospital, but only through a special contact, and had by then developed a severe lung infection. The elder Mr Chen has now recovered, but his son worries that a second infection in the future could kill him. Three years of Covid prevention measures were a complete waste and failure, he says, because the government eased controls too quickly, with no preparation, and so many have caught the virus. "The outbreak will come back again. For elderly people, they can only count on their own fate," Mr Chen says.