torsdag 27. oktober 2022

We need to talk about Xi Jinping: G7’s discord over powerful trading partner

Western powers in the G7 group of nations are failing to coordinate their China strategies, senior western officials admit, adding that the need to do so has been given sharp impetus by Xi Jinping’s consolidation of power at this month’s Communist party congress. The G7’s poor coordination reflects a deep disagreement, also reflected within the EU, about whether dialogue and trade with China have a future if Beijing is seen as an existential threat that requires strict strategic controls on economic ties.

At the week-long Communist party congress, Xi was confirmed as leader of China for a precedent-breaking third term around a new leadership principle that puts national security, and self-reliance, ahead of trade with the west, strengthening the hand of those in the G7 who see China primarily as a threat. The congress in effect confirmed the abolition of collective leadership, advanced a more aggressive foreign policy based on Marxist nationalism and underlined China’s ambition to become the world’s technological leader.