fredag 8. april 2022

China Votes With Russia At U.N. After Kremlin Issues Threat

China voted to keep Russia as a part of the United Nations Human Rights Council on Thursday, following reports of a threat made by the Kremlin that a vote against Russia would alter that country's relationship with Moscow During a meeting of the U.N. General Assembly, China voted against a resolution that would suspend Russia from the U.N. Human Rights Council, saying that it was not drafted in "an open or transparent matter."

Despite China's vote, the resolution to remove Russia passed with 93 nations voting in favor and 24 voting to keep Russia on the council. Fifty-eight nations abstained from voting on the resolution. Russia is only the second country ever to be removed from the council after Libya was removed in 2011.

The vote by China to back Russia comes shortly after the Associated Press reported that Russia threatened several nations to vote against the resolution on Thursday. According to the Associated Press, Russia told several nations that voting in favor of the resolution or abstaining from the vote would be considered an "unfriendly gesture" and alter that country's relationship with Russia.