fredag 8. april 2022

China State Media Warn of 'Destructive Strike' to Taiwan If Pelosi Visits

A Chinese state newspaper warned of a potential "destructive strike" against Taiwan if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visits the island nation, arguing that "warplanes" should be used as a threat. Some Japanese and Taiwanese media reported that Pelosi, a California Democrat who is No. 3 in the line of presidential succession, planned to visit Taiwan after a trip to Japan this weekend. (On Thursday, a Pelosi spokesman said she has tested positive for the coronavirus.) Pelosi's office did not confirm any plans for such a trip, which would be the first by a House speaker since 1997.

China made it clear on Thursday that it would view such a high-profile visit as a provocation. Under its "one country, two systems" governing philosophy, China views Taiwan as part of its territory. But the island nation has existed independently for decades, and analysts have increasingly raised concerns in recent years that Beijing could seek to take back full control of Taiwan through military force.