fredag 4. mars 2022

Why Are There So Many Indian Students in Ukraine?

The tragic death of an Indian medical student, Naveen Shekharappa Gyanagoudar, in war-torn Ukraine, due to Russian shelling, has roiled India while spotlighting the desperation of thousands of Indians to rush to study in this east European nation every year.

Naveen, who hailed from the southern Indian state of Karnataka, was one among nearly 20,000 students currently enrolled at some 30-odd Ukrainian universities offering courses in medicine. A fourth-year student at Kharkiv National Medical University, the 21-year-old was standing in queue for food when the area was blown up. Prior to going out into the city, the youth spoke to his father, Shekarappa Gyanagouda, informing him that “there was no food or water left” in the bunker he had been hiding in to escape Russian bombardments.