fredag 4. mars 2022

How Russia's invasion of Ukraine could hurt travel's recovery

This was supposed to be a year of recovery for a travel industry hit hard by the global coronavirus pandemic. But Russia's invasion of Ukraine may have just changed that. After two years of disrupted travel due to ever-changing Covid-19 restrictions, airlines and tour operators are once again bracing for closed skies, cancellations and a cloud of uncertainty over international travel. More than 30 countries have so far closed their airspace to Russia, with Moscow reacting in kind. Russia's Civil Aviation Authority announced it has closed off its airspace to the carriers of at least 37 countries as of Tuesday. The airspace over Ukraine, Moldova and parts of Belarus also remains closed.

In the short-term this means flight cancellations or a diversion of air routes. But the long-term consequences for the travel industry could be much more far reaching.