tirsdag 8. mars 2022

China Reiterates Friendship With Russia, Says Both Will Bring World 'Peace'

China reiterated its friendship with Russia on Monday, saying that their relationship benefits their respective citizens and can also help bring international "peace." During a press conference, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi described Russia as China's "most important strategic partner" and said that their joint ties are "one of the most crucial bilateral relationships in the world." He added, "Our cooperation not only advances the interests of both peoples but also contributes to peace, stability and development in the world."

Unlike the U.S., Europe and other nations, China has not condemned Russia's attack on Ukraine and has declined to take retaliatory action like economic sanctions. China did say that it "regrets" the civilian casualties being reported in Ukraine but emphasized that the "legitimate security concerns" of all parties should be respected.

While China is bolstering its stance on maintaining strong relations with Russia, it is also heavily stressing that it wants global solidarity and peaceful negotiations between both sides in the Ukraine crisis. Wang said that China was prepared to act as a mediator in such talks.