søndag 13. februar 2022

UN labor agency cites concerns about China’s Xinjiang region

An annual report from the United Nations labor agency Friday highlighted the work conditions of Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in China’s Xinjiang region, noting signs of “coercive measures” that deprive workers of free choice in selecting jobs. It also called on Beijing to provide more information about how it’s respecting their rights.

The report from an International Labor Organization committee of experts tasked with helping countries uphold their own international commitments emphasized the labor rights aspect of China’s policies in the western Chinese region. Advocacy groups and Western governments, among others, have voiced human rights concerns over the treatment of the region’s Muslims. The 870-page report also chronicled an array of concerns about scores of countries that in effect were urged to improve workplace and job conditions.

The 20-member committee of independent international experts cited the Chinese government’s defense, given in a different report, of what it calls vocational training centers in Xinjiang. Beijing says the centers are intended to help improve economic conditions and defuse extremist violence in the region.