fredag 13. august 2021

Shanghai Bans English Exams Amid Calls For Less English Teaching

Authorities in Shanghai have canceled primary school English exams in a bid to lighten the burden on children and parents, amid growing calls for English to be de-emphasized in China's state schools. The Shanghai municipal government education bureau announced last week that primary school students should only have to sit final exams in Chinese and math, while other subjects will be subject to teacher evaluation with no test score.

High school students in the city will sit fewer exams, focusing only on Chinese, math, and English, while science will be assessed in the laboratory, and history and geography tested using open-book examinations. Schools are also banned from using textbooks published overseas that haven't been reviewed and approved by the the city education bureau's textbook review committee, the government said in a statement.

There are signs that the move may be part of a concerted shift in emphasis on the part of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) away from English amid a trade war with the United States and growing friction with liberal democracies over Beijing's human rights record.