fredag 13. august 2021

China's Ruling Party on Track to Ensure Everyone Sings The Right Tunes

As the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) heads to the seaside resort of Beidaihe for its summer conference, the administration of general secretary Xi Jinping has ordered the deletion of songs with banned political content from the nation's karaoke parlors. China's ministry of culture said it would crack down on one of the nation's favorite pastimes from Oct. 1, banning songs containing "illegal content" from bars and karaoke venues.

From that date, venues will be responsible for seeking out and deleting banned songs, and exhorted to leave only songs full of "positive energy" on their databases. A blacklist of songs will be maintained by the ministry's karaoke music review board, it said. Songs will be banned and deleted if deemed by the board to "endanger national unity, sovereignty or territorial integrity," "harm national security, honor or interests," or "incite ethnic hatred," according to the document.

Any songs regarded as obscene or promoting violence, gambling, or drug culture will also be deleted, as well as songs deemed "insulting" to others, it said. Tunes that actually advocate independence for any region or people, or call for the overthrow of the CCP, are fairly non-existent, although there are CCP-approved revolutionary songs that call for the "liberation" of the democratic island of Taiwan, which has never been ruled by the CCP nor formed part of the People's Republic of China.