mandag 30. august 2021

Child Trafficking Investigator Raises Alarm Over Shandong Baby-Selling Ring

Police in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong have yet to follow up on a tip-off from an anti-trafficking investigator suggesting that hospitals in Weifang city could be involved in a baby-trafficking ring, the group said this week. "I have been following up on this medical company in Weifang for nearly a year after finding evidence of illegal surrogacy and baby-trafficking and reporting it to the local authorities," the volunteer, Shangguan Zhengyi, said on her Weibo account on Aug. 25.

"The 110 emergency number at the time did nothing, while the local police station said they would deal with it by talking to them, which is a dereliction of their duty," the post said. "I have repeatedly advised the Weifang mayoral hotline that this dereliction of duty is taking place, and that this isn't something that can be resolved with a good talking-to," the account said. "These efforts have been in vain thus far."

The post came after the Global Times newspaper claimed on Aug. 2 that the reproductive medical technology company was "under police investigation on suspicion of operating an illegal surrogacy business and child trafficking."