mandag 19. juli 2021

UK and allies accuse Chinese state-backed group of Microsoft hack

Britain has joined with the US and other allies in formally accusing Chinese state-based hacking groups of being behind the exploitation of an estimated 250,000 Microsoft Exchange servers worldwide earlier this year. The UK foreign secretary said the cyber-attack amounted to “a reckless but familiar pattern of behaviour”, in an announcement released on Monday.

Dominic Raab called on Beijing to “end this systematic cyber-sabotage” and said it “can expect to be held to account if it does not”, as the UK steps up complaints about Chinese hacking. In early March, Microsoft released a patch to Exchange after discovering that hackers were stealing email communications from internet-facing systems running its business software. At the time Microsoft said the hacking was conducted by a Chinese group called Hafnium but did not say whether it believed the Chinese state was behind it.