mandag 7. juni 2021

Teacher Testifies Uyghurs Treated 'Less Than Dogs' by Guards in Chinese Camp

Qelbinur Sidik, a teacher who was the first witness to testify against China regarding its alleged abuse of the Uyghur people, said guards would humiliate inmates at a camp for men in Xinjiang where she taught Mandarin, the Associated Press reported. "Guard in the camp did not treat the prisoners as human beings. They were treated less than dogs," she said. "The things that I have witnessed and experienced, I can't forget."

Beijing strictly rejected the allegations, claiming the camps were vocational training centers to teach language, job skills and the law but that the camps are now closed. A tribunal, made up of lawyers, academics and business people, set up to assess whether China's alleged rights abuses against the Uyghur people constitute genocide, opened Friday in London.