mandag 3. mai 2021

Chinese Fishing Fleets are Depleting the World’s Oceans

China has the world’s largest fishing fleet, and it’s dominating the fishing industry and harming oceans, the Gatestone Institute reported. One study found that China’s fleet has almost 17,000 vessels, 5-8 times larger than estimates and what the government has reported. The UN reports that China consumes 36% of total global fish production and brings in 20% of the world’s annual fishing catch. Part of the reason the fishing presence is so harmful is that China’s fleet is made up of trawlers. “Trawling” is a dangerous practice whereby an apparatus sweeps the ocean floor and scoops up everything in its path. Everything in the trawlers‘ path is taken in.

“China’s leaders see distant water fleets as a way to project presence around the world. The aim is to be present all over the world’s oceans so that they can direct the outcomes of international agreements that cover maritime resources,” Tabitha Mallory, CEO of China Ocean Institute and affiliate professor at the University of Washington told Axios in March 2021.