torsdag 13. mai 2021

Chinese Diplomat Blasts Meeting About Uyghurs Human Rights as 'Political Tool' to 'Contain China'

Human rights groups, along with Western nations, accused China during a virtual meeting on Wednesday of crimes against the Uyghur community and demanded they give U.N. experts unimpeded access. China claimed the accusations were "politically motivated" and based on "lies." China's U.N. Ambassador, Zhang Jun, sent text messages to the 15 Western co-sponsors of the meeting, urging them to "think twice" and withdraw their support. He warned it would be "harmful to our relationship and cooperation." China's U.N. Mission also sent notes to several of the U.N.'s member nations, encouraging them not to participate in the "anti-China event."

At the meeting, Britain's U.N. Ambassador, Barbara Woodward, called the situation in Xinjiang "one of the worst human rights crises of our time." "The evidence, from a growing number of credible sources—including satellite imagery, survivor testimony and publicly available Chinese Government documents—is of grave concern," said Woodward, who previously was the UK ambassador in China. "The evidence points to a program of repression of specific ethnic groups. Expressions of religion have been criminalized and Uyghur language and culture are discriminated against systematically and at scale."