torsdag 13. mai 2021

Analysis: China's 'wolf warriors' take aim at G-7

After the Group of Seven foreign ministers issued a joint statement criticizing many of China's recent actions last week, a computer-generated graphic depicting an event from 120 years ago was widely shared on the Chinese internet.

The aim of the young Chinese CG artist, who goes by the name Wuheqilin, was to brand the G-7 as an invader and to recall the Boxer Rebellion. The 1900 uprising attempted to expel all foreigners from China and was supported by the Empress Dowager Cixi. That prompted forces from the Eight-Nation Alliance (the U.K., the U.S., France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Italy and Austria-Hungary) to enter Beijing and liberate the besieged foreigners. As a result, the Qing dynasty was forced to sign the humiliating Boxer Protocol in 1901, which imposed backbreaking compensation obligations.

The satirical image took the commemorative photo of the G-7 foreign ministers standing on the steps of Lancaster House in London and replaced the figures with people dressed in old-style military uniforms from the Eight-Nation Alliance, similarly posing for a commemorative photo at the same place. The "G7 -- United Kingdom 2021" sign behind the ministers had been rewritten "G7 -- Invaders United Kingdom 1900."