torsdag 11. mars 2021

Two Sessions: Gender roles, mental health discussed at China's top meet

At China's most important political conference this year, gender roles, mental health and even celebrities have dominated discussions. Every year, delegates for the "two sessions" or lianghui, meet for over a week, and they put forward proposals for new social policies. These range from the conventional to the downright quirky, but often ignite furious debate, and demonstrate some of the greater issues affecting people in China, and where support lies.

On Tuesday one of the sessions, the meeting for China's top advisory body, known as the CPPCC, drew to a close. During this year's event, policies that were put forward were especially framed around the specific roles of men and women, generating much discussion online. There were also policies to alleviate the increased pressures of young people, proposed changes to the country's education system, and inevitably, in a post-Covid-19 era, policy suggestions focused on health.