torsdag 11. mars 2021

Myanmar police who fled to India say they refused orders to shoot protesters

When Tha Peng was ordered to shoot at protesters with his submachine gun to disperse them in the Myanmar town of Khampat on February 27, the police lance corporal said he refused. "The next day, an officer called to ask me if I will shoot," he said. The 27-year-old refused again, and then resigned from the force.

On March 1, he said he left his home and family behind in Khampat and traveled for three days, mostly at night to avoid detection, before crossing into India's northeastern Mizoram state. "I had no choice," Tha Peng told Reuters in an interview on Tuesday, speaking via a translator. He gave only part of his name to protect his identity. Reuters saw his police and national ID cards which confirmed the name. Tha Peng said he and six colleagues all disobeyed the February 27 order from a superior officer, whom he did not name.