fredag 26. mars 2021

Stop interfering in China’s internal affairs: patriotic merch is hot sale on Chinese internet

Sales of “patriotic” products that tell the United States to butt out of their internal affairs are booming in China after last week’s fiery Alaskan summit. Just days after the summit ended, mobile phone cases, cigarette lighters, T-shirts, vacuum mugs, hoodies, umbrellas, canvas bags, pants and even beers carrying pro-Chinese sentiments have been selling fast on mainland China’s shopping website Taobao.

Ads for the “patriotic” products promise immediate shipping while some online shops sell merchandise carrying slogans translated into English, such as, “stop interfering in China’s internal affairs.”The products were inspired by quotes from China’s foreign policy chief Yang Jiechi, in the opening hours of the two-day US-China summit, who said:  “The United States is not qualified to be condescending in its tone when speaking to China. We Chinese people don’t buy it” and “stop interfering in China’s internal politics.”

Chinese online shoppers voiced their pride at their country’s behavior at the summit, comparing the current boldness to the “century of humiliation,” when international treaties were forced upon it by the West and Japan. It’s a period in history that still angers many in China today. Many shoppers online said they also found comments made by US representatives to reveal a “rude and unreasonable attitude.”