søndag 7. februar 2021

Myanmar coup: Tens of thousands protest for second day

Tens of thousands have protested for a second day in Myanmar's main city, Yangon, thwarting the military's attempt to stop anti-coup rallies by imposing an internet shutdown. "We don't want military dictatorship," the crowds chanted. Many held pictures of detained leader Aung San Suu Kyi and wore red, the colour of her party. She has not been seen since the army overthrew her government last Monday.

Internet access now appears to have been partially restored. The day-long blackout was imposed after the military blocked access to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stop people mobilising. Phone services have also been disrupted. On Sunday, demonstrators in Yangon held red balloons, while cars and buses slowed to sound their horns in support. Many flashed the three-finger salute, which has become a symbol of defiance against authoritarianism in the region.