søndag 29. november 2020

Uproar over Thanksgiving candies as Chinese university says it does not promote 'Western holidays with religious connotations'

A Chinese college student's threat to report a dormitory supervisor's offer of Thanksgiving candies has stirred a heated debate online over the government's tightening grip on campuses across the country. On Thursday, according to screenshots shared online, an employee at the Harbin Institute of Technology in northeastern China wrote on the popular WeChat platform: "Today is Thanksgiving in the West and I'd like use occasion to thank students of Dorm No. 17 for supporting my work." "Starting at 7:50 a.m. in the morning, I will be handing out candies in the lobby," the woman, surnamed Wang, added, along with two photos of a box of chocolate candies.

This offer was met with a barrage of insults from one student, who accused her of being "inappropriate" by propagating "these kinds of Western holidays." "As a representative of the (school) administration, have you not considered the implications of publicly celebrating Western holidays?" the student wrote. "Please stop this activity immediately. Otherwise I will report this to the relevant school department." Wang apologized in a follow-up message for "not thinking it through" and promised to "be more careful in the future."