lørdag 10. oktober 2020

‘Xi Jinping Thought’ Now Required Learning For Young Tibetans

In a job sector already marked by limited opportunities, young Tibetans seeking government work are being required to join the ruling Chinese Communist Party and to closely study the political thought of party chief Xi Jinping, sources in Tibet say. Many young college graduates in Tibet now look for stable, well-paid work in government jobs, a source in Tibet told RFA’s Tibetan Service in a recent interview.

“But to find work like this one must be a member of the [ruling] Chinese Communist Party,” RFA’s source said, speaking on condition of anonymity. “Therefore, many Tibetans these days are studying communism and Xi’s political ideology in order to have a stable job and career. There are no other options left,” the source said, adding, “Even to become a teacher in a school, you have to be a member of the CCP and learn the so-called Xi Jinping Thought for a New Era.”