lørdag 10. oktober 2020

China Language Policies, Travel Restrictions in Tibet Condemned at US Panel

The Chinese government is guilty of gross human rights violations in Tibet, particularly in the manner that Beijing restricts access to the region and its push to replace Tibetan language instruction in schools, human rights organizations and Tibetan activists said during a U.S. hearing Wednesday. At the bipartisan Congressional Executive Commission on China’s hearing on the rights situation in Tibet, witnesses said that the polices were an engineered attempt to eradicate Tibetan culture and enforce silence about Beijing’s various abuses.

“More than 60 years have passed since the Dalai Lama escaped into exile, and today Tibetans in China are still struggling to exercise their basic rights: to speak and teach their language, protect their culture, control their land and water, travel within and outside their country, and practice their religion as they choose,” said CECC chairman, Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.).