tirsdag 6. oktober 2020

US preps for ‘Irregular Warfare’ with China, Russia

The US Defense Department says the entire military must get better at “Irregular Warfare” to fend off the rise of not just nonstate terror groups and cyber attackers, but to stymie Russia and China as well. The National Defense Strategy pivots the Pentagon to focus on potential conflict with those countries and other advanced militaries instead of lower-tech militants in the Middle East and Africa, according to a report by Rachel S. Cohen at Air Force Magazine.

To put it succinctly, “irregular warfare” isn’t just for special operations forces. A newly published summary of an annex to the 2018 National Defense Strategy argues despite decades of asymmetric conflict — wars where enemies have exploited weaknesses in U.S. technology and tactics — the Pentagon is still underprepared for that kind of combat, the report said. The summary, released Oct. 2, points to China, Russia, and Iran as “willing practitioners of campaigns of disinformation, deception, sabotage, and economic coercion, as well as proxy, guerrilla and covert operations.”