tirsdag 6. oktober 2020

China State Media Video Extolling Cross-Border Marriage Gets Tough Reviews in Myanmar

A glowing video by China’s state news agency on the happy life of a Myanmar woman who married a rural Chinese man has stumbled over sensitivities about bride trafficking in the Southeast Asian country, where hundreds of women have vanished across the border with its giant neighbor.

The three-minute video released on the Burmese-language Facebook page of China’s Xinhua news agency, “Myanmar Woman’s Rural Life in China,” drew nearly 2 million views within a few days of its posting on Sept. 21. But before long, Xinhua’s story of a Myanmar woman named Shao Yue, who credits her good her life to her marriage to a Chinese man and government anti-poverty programs in China, was being panned by anti-trafficking NGOs and actual trafficking victims for painting a misleading picture.