fredag 9. oktober 2020

Hong Kong Government Denies Involvement in Capture of Fleeing Activists

The Hong Kong government on Tuesday denied any involvement in the interception of a group of activists who tried to flee to the democratic island of Taiwan, as details emerged of the movements of two of its aircraft on the day of their arrest by the China Coast Guard. Twelve Hongkongers aged 16 to 33 are being held in Yantian Detention Center in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen on suspicion of "illegally crossing a border," after the Chinese authorities intercepted their speedboat on its way to Taiwan on Aug. 23.

Their relatives say none of them has yet been allowed to see lawyers appointed by their families to defend them, and that there has been scant assistance from the Hong Kong government. "I will not comment on the actual operational details except to reinforce what the police have said, which is that the police have absolutely no role to play in this particular case," chief executive Carrie Lam told a news conference on Tuesday.