fredag 9. oktober 2020

Hong Kong Authorities Colluded in Rendition of 12 Detainees to Mainland China: Activists

Pro-democracy activists and relatives protested outside the headquarters of the Hong Kong Government Flying Service onThursday, calling on the authorities for an explanation of flights made by its aircraft on the day that 12 Hong Kong activists were detained by the China Coast Guard as they headed for the democratic island of Taiwan.

Democracy activist Joshua Wong and former pro-democracy lawmaker Eddie Chu told journalists at the protest that they had evidence that the government had sent a fixed-wing aircraft to track the speedboat carrying the 12 activists, who have been held incommunicado in Yantian Detention Center in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen since their detention on Aug. 23.

"Internal flight records of the Government Flying Service provided to us by our sources clearly show that there was a ... police operation, with the fixed-wing aircraft flying a mission from 4.10 a.m. to 8.45 a.m. [on Aug. 23] that was piloted by the police," Wong said at the protest. "This gives the lie to the police claim that they had no prior knowledge of the incident."