fredag 30. oktober 2020

China’s Panchen Lama Tours Tibet to Push CCP Agenda, ‘Sinification’ of Buddhism

A Tibetan Buddhist leader appointed by China left his home in Beijing recently for a three-month tour of Tibet, joining in religious rituals and visiting monasteries in a bid to push the political agenda of the ruling Chinese Communist Party and raise his personal profile, state media and other sources said.

Gyaltsen (Gyaincain, in Chinese) Norbu was named as Panchen Lama by China in May 1995 to replace a candidate who was selected as a young boy by the exiled Dalai Lama, and who vanished into Chinese custody together with his family and has not been heard from since.  Chinese authorities have had difficulty persuading Tibetans to accept their candidate as the official face of Tibetan Buddhism in China, though, and ordinary Tibetans and monks in monasteries traditionally loyal to the Dalai Lama have been reluctant to acknowledge or receive him.