fredag 30. oktober 2020

China vows to build ‘fully modern army’ by 2027 as Beijing policy meeting ends on defiant note

A key policy meeting concluded on Thursday with a statement that China would not let external pressures sway it from becoming a great power. It also set a new goal to turn the People‘s Liberation Army (PLA) into a modern military force by 2027, by which time, analysts say, China aims to build an army on par with that of the US.

The four-day plenum at Beijing’s Jingxi Hotel concluded with a televised ceremony at which the 360-plus attendees did not wear masks – a sign of confidence that the country has tamed Covid-19. The communique issued after the ceremony said China must seize the opportunity presented by the current global upheaval to be in the front row of great powers. The confident statement came just days before a messy and chaotic US presidential election approaching its final stage.