mandag 24. august 2020

China Is Driving A Wedge Into The Internet: What Can We Do About It?

Tim Wu’s articles and publications are always worth reading: a professor at Columbia Law School, a lawyer, an expert in technology and its effects, and the creator, among other things, of the term net neutrality. In short, his views are not to be taken lightly.

His article in The New York Times, “A TikTok ban is overdue”, puts forward the same hard line argument I have been commenting for a long time: that as ideal and interesting as the idea of a global Internet may be, not to take any kind of action against China, a country that has instrumentalized the web, is foolish. This asymmetrical perception of China is shared by many: China has not only shut out foreign companies from its internet and deprived them of access to its huge market, but has also used it as a political weapon, blocking its people’s access to information, monitoring them, and interfering in other countries’ politics.