mandag 24. august 2020

Can Joe Biden Deal With China?

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been leading President Trump in the polls for several months, but it would be premature to conclude the race for presidency is over. In my view, Biden is indeed likely to prevail in November’s general election as Trump’s support continues to wane due to his perceived failings in addressing the pandemic and the country’s economic problems, but anything can happen in the coming months. Trump has shown the ability to dig himself out of deep holes that would end the careers of most other politicians.

Nonetheless, if things stay on course, Joe Biden will likely unseat the incumbent and formally take up the role in January, posing some important policy questions to consider, China policy in particular.

Many countries’ relations with the U.S. are relatively stable. If not positive, at least there are based on well-defined roles and rules. China is the only major power that is still defining its role. The relationship with the U.S. not only lacks stability, but it is deteriorating.