onsdag 29. juli 2020

Why is the US accusing China's Houston consulate of spying?

Tensions between the world's two largest economies have been on the rise again this week after the United States ordered the closure of China's Houston consulate, alleging it was a nest of Chinese spies who tried to steal data from facilities in Texas. In a retaliatory move, China then ordered the US to close its consulate in Chengdu, accusing its staff of meddling in its internal affairs.

But espionage experts say the gathering of intelligence is a key part of what diplomatic missions do, and that often includes not only legal means but also the use of spies to gather "secret information". "They do it, we do it. We just hope to catch them at it, and hope they don't catch us," said Anthony Glees, an internationally published expert on security and intelligence and professor of politics at the University of Buckingham.