torsdag 4. juni 2020

'Sacrificed': anger in China over death of Wuhan doctor from coronavirus

The death of a doctor at Wuhan’s “whistleblower hospital” has prompted a wave of anger at hospital authorities for not protecting frontline health workers in the face of the coronavirus outbreak. Hu Weifeng, 42, a urologist at Wuhan Central hospital where the whistleblower ophthalmologist Li Wenliang worked, died of the virus on Tuesday after a four-month battle. Hu is the sixth doctor from his hospital killed by the virus.

Another doctor who spoke out, Ai Fen, said authorities told hospital staff not to wear protective gear so as not to cause panic and reprimanded her for “harming stability” when she tried to warn others of the virus. Li Wenliang also tried to warn friends and colleagues in December, and was punished – only to die of the virus in February, causing an unprecedented wave of public anger at authorities.