torsdag 4. juni 2020

Beijing draws up plans to outlaw criticism of traditional Chinese medicine

Authorities in Beijing are drafting legislation to outlaw criticism of traditional medicine in the Chinese capital. A notice published by health authorities called for public submissions on the draft, which would ban any individual or organisation from making false or exaggerated claims about traditional Chinese medicine, or using it for illegitimate interests or to damage public interest. It would potentially lead to the criminal prosecution of people who criticise traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or “cause trouble or disturb public order” by breaching the law.

The move comes amid a broader campaign by China to promote TCM at home and abroad. In March state media said TCM therapies had been playing a “critical role” in the prevention and treatment of Covid-19, and some were sent to other nations as part of China’s international aid. China’s president Xi Jinping is a fervent supporter of TCM as a pillar of industry, and its potential to grow and develop. However scientists warned against global distribution without further evidence, Nature reported last month.