søndag 14. juni 2020

Coronavirus: Why Gujarat has India's highest mortality rate

On 20 May, Parveen Bano started to feel slightly breathless. When she told her son, Amir Pathan, he rushed her to the nearest hospital. He says he was worried because his 54-year-old mother had diabetes and a history of cardiac ailments. And worse, their neighbourhood - Gomtipur in the Indian city of Ahmedabad - had recorded a slew of Covid-19 infections recently.

The next 30 hours were harrowing for the family. Mr Pathan says they went to three hospitals - two private and one government-run - but none of them had a bed available. So Mr Pathan decided to bring his mother back home. But he says her "discomfort" worsened through the day and the night, so early the next morning, the family took her to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, one of India's biggest government facilities.